How to Register Phone from Abroad in Nepal | MDMS Registration Nepal

Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA) has mandated that all mobile phones operating in Nepal have to be registered in MDMS (Mobile Device Management System) with respective IMEI numbers. The provision has been made to prevent the use of GREY phones, stolen phones, phones imported illegally, or in either case, to get closer to the culprit.

With this provision, suspicious phones will not operate in Nepal. The individual foreign phones brought to Nepal till Bhadra 30, 2079 BS were automatically registered.

I got a confirmation message from NTA in my Message Box. I said that my mobile phone with the unique IMEI is registered in MDMS. 

Meanwhile, there had been a lot of confusion because of the legal and procedural disagreements between the customs office, NTA, and central government itself which began with the questions on the number of phones that would not require tax payment.

With the new government directive, NTA is committed to resuming the centralized EIR system to channel the registration of phones from abroad through the customs office, and NTA registry. 

Nepalese travelers can bring a maximum of 2 phones (only if they have been employed abroad for a minimum of 6 months) from abroad for avoiding the tax. If they have not been employed abroad for a minimum of 6 months, they can only avoid tax for 1 phone. The first phone which is meant for personal use should be registered at MDMS by oneself. Please read this notice for more details.

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The second and consecutive phones should be registered at the customs office located at the airport. When one registers at customs, these phones will be automatically registered at MDMS system. Please follow the notice from the customs office for more details.

Register Foreign Phone in Nepal

If you do not know, whether the phone you are carrying is MDMS registered or not, you need the IMEI of your phone. You may not know the IMEI of the phone you are carrying in Nepal. Please check the IMEI of the phone you are carrying, and check the mdms status of the same before buying, and using the phone.

How to Find IMEI of Mobile Phone in Nepal

Dial *#06# to find your IMEI number. For new phone sets, please check the IMEI number on the cover of the phone’s box.

How to Check if Your Phone is Registered at MDMS |

Please check if the mobile phone you are carrying is MDMS registered or not on Please provide the IMEI of your phone number and click the search button. You will get the result instantly on your screen.

Those, who are buying phones in Nepal after Bhadra 30, 2079 BS are requested to check if the given IMEI numbers are registered in MDMS of Nepal or not. You can check so from the website Please put in the IMEI of your new mobile phone (provided on the box cover) and click validate registration.

Once you check your phone’s IMEI number from, you may see a message box.

Now, you have an interest in registering a phone from abroad in Nepal. You may also like to transfer the ownership of NTC sim card if it is in another person’s name.

The importers of phones are required to bulk register the IMEIs of mobile sets they are importing. They are further directed to sell only MDMS-registered phones.

How to Register a Foreign Phone in Nepal MDMS

Nepalese nationals can bring home a (single) cell phone from abroad (as per the Baggage rules of Nepal). Such phones should have proper documentation for registering at Nepal’s MDMS. For instance, you may need to buy a phone in a foreign land in your name. You need to provide the proper receipt of payment against the phone with the given IMEI number.

Foreign applicants should also follow the same steps. Just be sure that you select ‘INSTRUCTIONS FOR FOREIGN APPLICANTS’ before you begin to fill up the form.

Pre-registration of Phones for Nepalese in Foreign Employment

Provision of pre-registration has been introduced to make the workflow seamless. You need to visit the official page and submit the form (see below).


To MDMS-register (in Nepal) a mobile phone bought abroad, you need to follow these steps.

  1. Visit
  2. Click individual registration button.
  3. The 4-staged registration form is on your screen. In the first step, Provide the IMEI number(s), Brand, Model, and the current status of the phone (Yes or No to the current usage condition of the phone).
  4. In step 2, the user must provide the current e-mail and then verify the OTP.
  5. In step 3, the user must provide personal information, address, and arrival detail from abroad. If the applicant is going to use the mobile phone, please select self under ‘mobile user detail’. Otherwise, the complete and true information of the user going to use the phone should be provided.
  6. In step 4, the details must be checked thoroughly. Here, the documentation(s) like scanned copies of the receipt of the phone, passport identity page, passport arrival stamp, etc. should be uploaded.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is MDMS registration free in Nepal?

The first phone and the second phone (only for those in a foreign country employment for at least 6 months) are registered without any revenue. Additional phones are subject to taxation according to the government rates.

What is IMEI?

IMEI (Internal Mobile Equipment Identity) is a 15-digit unique number assigned to each handheld mobile phone produced globally. A phone with slots for 2 sim cards has 2 IMEI numbers.

How to find IMEI of a mobile phone?

It is written on the phone’s box cover. You can know the IMEI of your phone by dialing *#06# from your phone.

What is MDMS?

Mobile Device Management System (MDMS) is a system developed by Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA) to register the import and distribution of mobile phone devices in Nepal. It aims to prevent GREY phones from entering Nepal, and track lost and stolen phones.

I am employed abroad, however I went abroad in student visa? Can I still avoid tax for the second phone?

No, you need to be employed abroad under employment visa for the eligibility.

I hope that you will be able to do MDMS registration swiftly and confidently. If you still have some question in registering foreign mobile phone in Nepal, do comment below. I may be able to help you.

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