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Apart from traditional paper-based citizenship certificate, Nepal’s government has been pressing the citizens to make National ID Card (National Identity Certificate) as well. Additionally, to the physical card, you will also obtain National Identity Number (NIN), which will be used in future e-governance of Nepal. Department of National ID and Civil Registration (DONIDCR) under Ministry of Home Affairs has now accelerated the process by sending groups of government officials (In Nepali- Sarkari Toli) to ward level offices of local governments- rural municipality and municipality.

Aply and Get National ID Certificate Nepal

You can opt to register for the National ID by visiting the Toli at your local government’s office or by filling up the pre-enrollment form at the website of DONIDCR. The issuance of National ID does not cost you a penny. All you need to do is do the process by yourself, or with the help of somebody who is literate on internet and PC.

For residents in Kathmandu valley whose citizenship is from out-of-valley: Government has arranged the mechanism to out-of-valley residents in Kathmandu; please follow the news.

Things to know about National ID (Rastriya Parichaya Patra)

The card is the physical card which uses the latest technology containing biometrics and personal data of the citizen owning it. It will be used to replace the need to use current paper-based citizenship card, and voter ID as well.

It is claimed that the use of national ID number (NIN) issued together with the card will further transform the governance of Nepal, digitally. People believe that the concerned departments and institutions like social security, land management, banks, police, hospitals, district health offices etc. will use one’s national identity number for the ease of citizen governance in their respective domains.

For now, national ID has become mandatory for getting e-passport in Nepal. This ID card will not replace the passport and driving license for these two are made for special purpose.

How to Apply for National ID with the help of Government Officials

By this, I mean the officials (group of officials- toli) who come to the local office (mostly in ward level offices of your municipality / rural municipality). You need to fill up the paper based form; or some volunteer located in the local office may help you. Please provide the correct details of you, your parents, and your grand parents. If you are married, please provide details of your spouse. You need to fill up the form in Nepali and some details are needed to be provided in English. You also need to provide your birth date in Gregorian calendar. Please convert Nepali date to Gregorian (English) beforehand. After filling up the form, please provide the thumb prints, and signature and submit the form along with required certificates to the officer who will make sure that the form is complete and correct (ruju garne).

Remember that you need to have these original documents along with you-

  1. Nepali Citizenship Certificate
  2. Some offices may ask the copies of Citizenship Certificate of Father, Mother, or both.
  3. If the date of birth (dob) is not clear on Citizenship Card, any official certificate with dob or a recommendation letter from ward office is required.
  4. If you have got a passport, you need to bring that too.
  5. Migration Certificate for those who have migrated.
  6. If one is married, must bring marriage certificate.

Then, you may need to wait while the official working on PC, scanner and camera works. You need to provide biometric data by presenting yourself there. After the application is registered with the biometrics, you will get a printout with the application number and some details. You will gradually get national identity number (NIN) and national identity card (national ID) through the same office.

For your convenience DONIDCR has introduced SMS system for getting national identity number (NIN). You need to type S <space> 16-digit application number and send to 30001.

You can also follow the notices updated at the website of DONIDCR.

How to Apply for National ID online through (NID Pre-Enrollment)

If you want to apply online, first you need to get the documents required for National ID Card Pre-Enrollment. Make sure you have the correct spelling details of parents and grandparents. Married individuals need to have details of spouse too. You do not need to fuss around converting Nepali date to English. The system does it automatically. All you have to do is provide your Date of Birth as per your citizenship.

As soon as you are ready with required details, please go to the NID pre-enrollment system of DONIDCR. You need to login to the system using your mobile phone. You may need to use phone number in your own name.

  1. Visit the website of NID pre-enrollment system of DONIDCR.
  2. Click ‘Login for Individuals’.
  3. Provide your mobile phone number and wait for OTP in message.
  4. You will get a 4-digit OTP as SMS.
  5. Put the OTP in the screen.
  6. You will get into the screen where you can fill up the application. Click ‘New Enrollment’.
  7. The form has 5 segments- applicant datacontact detailsfamily detailsappointment and preview.
  8. Please fill up the form correctly and completely. Make sure that you type in romanized Nepali, and in English well.
  9. To move from one section to another, you may click the buttons ‘next’ and ‘previous’ as per your convenience.
  10. Select the appointment date and place for giving biometric data. You need to select the place of appointment from the list, and date from the calendar next to it, before clicking ‘search’ button. Click ‘select’ button when you see vacant appointment for an office and the date you have chosen.
  11. Click ‘next’ to preview the form. Make sure every information is correct and complete.
  12. After everything is done, you may ‘submit’ the application form.

After you submit the form, please visit the relevant office on the day of appointment (note the place and time of appointment). You need to being the required documents along with you. You will get the National Identity Number (NIN). Actual National Identity (ID) Card will be provided in future.

You may also get the national identity number (NIN) through SMS. Just type N <space> 16-digit application number and send it to 30001. Should there be some change, please make yourself updated with DONIDCR (

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