Nepal Pride Parade

Nepal Pride Parade 2022 has been marked in Kathmandu on 11th June 2022. The global movement of exhibiting solidarity to minorities of various genders and sexualities comprises of such ‘Pride Parades’ that are organized in various cities and towns of the world.

Nepal Pride Parade

Though the Pride Weeks/Parades celebrations in other parts of the world brings almost entire city together, most of the participants of Nepal Pride Parade 2022 were found to be the activists themselves.

Though, in common terminology, the month of June is marked as LGBT Pride month, the wider spectrum of sexualities and gender identities are celebrated during the month.

According to the History Channel, the Stonewall Riots that started on 28th June 1969 (and lasted for 6 days) from a gay club (Stonewall Inn) located in Greenwich Village, New York City has been considered as reference event for the global solidarity movement for LGBTIQ+ people.

Every year, Nepal Pride Parade is marked on the second Saturday of June.

The pioneer organization in LGBT movement in Nepal is Blue Diamond Society. To this day, many other organizations have joined hands together for the unified activism aligning with international movements, gathering solidarity, both locally and globally.

Blue Diamond Society has also been coming in the limelight of mainstream media of Nepal, as they organize another localized version of LGBT parade on Gai Jatra a religious festival of Newars of Nepal.

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