Download VTrick v1.9.1- A Free Premium Blogger Template from Vietnam

VTrick also has the best designs of contemporary Blogger themes. It is SEO-friendly and fast-loading. Moreover, it has an elegant and professional outlook.

It is developed by Vietnam-based developer who wants to be known as VieTrick. Hence, we can say this blogger template as Vietnamese Blogger Template.

VTrick Blogger Template
VTrick Blogger Template is one of the most feature-rich Blogger Templates that are legally free.

The developer claims that this Blogger theme is inspired, or based on Litespot Blogger Template. However, VTrick Blogger template offers a lot more than the free version of Litespot Blogger template.

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Features of VTrick Blogger Template

VTrick Blogger Template has been the most feature-rich Blogger template that is also available for free to download. If you use the template and would like to donate to the developer, you may do so. Let us discuss the features of VTrick Blogger template briefly.

Theme Name VTrick Blogger Template
Revisions Yes, current version 1.9.1 (November 7, 2022)
Developer Vietrick
Features Magazine Style, Fast-loading, Premium, FREE, Elegant, SEO Friendly
Price FREE

1. Fast-loading

Since VTrick Blogger template was designed with speed in mind, and the platform itself is hosted by awesome servers of Google, the website using VTrick Blogger template will be fast-loading to the satisfaction of website owners and/or visitors. Nevertheless, the use of JS files and CSS codes may play some effect in responding time.

2. Device Responsive

VTrick Blogger template loads to its best in PC, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones of various sizes. In fact, if you can do a little coding, you can run wide-screen advertisements if you wish to implement GoogleAdsense in the website using VTrick Blogger template.

3. SEO Optimized reports that websites made with VTrick Blogger template score best in their SEO performance. If we trust them, then we should completely rely on VTrick Blogger template should we have any remnants of anxiety about Blogger SEO or Blogspot SEO.

4. Magazine Design

VTrick Blogger template has been made with progressive web magazines in mind. It looks way ahead of contemporary web magazines.

5. Unique User Interface (UI)

VTrick Blogger Template is a complete package of materials for the user interface of the 21st-century websites. The mega menu, dark mode, material design, featured posts, hot posts, trending posts in animated cards, main column widgets, sidebar widgets, contact form, ‘Back to Top’ button, and floating CTA icons, all add to the unique UI of VTrick Blogger template.

The homepage (and/or search pages) also features images from blog posts (16:9) and from Youtube videos if embedded inside the posts.

6. Auto TOC (table of contents)

VTrick Blogger template supports both kinds of TOC- automatic and manual.

7. False Post Rating (star rating)

VTrick Blogger Template introduces the star rating of your choice for your posts. This feature helps your post appear with a rating snippet in SERPs.

8. Advertisement Placement Spaces

In the latest version- VTrick v1.9.1, the developers have added multiple slots for putting in advertisements, like Google Ads, and/or other code/graphical advertisements.

9. Floating CTA Buttons (Whatsapp, Messenger, etc.)

You can integrate floating Call-to-action buttons on your website using VTrick Blogger template. You can integrate floating icons of Calling, Messenger, Whatsapp, Telegram, WeChat, and Zalo.

10. Forum-like Comment System

There are three comment systems- Facebook, Blogger, and Disqus. You can integrate any. The comment system looks pretty modern. They look like elements of influential, and engaging forum websites.

11. Customization Options in Dashboard

In Dashboard, you can customize the Table of Content system, colours, fonts, widths, etc. In the layout section, you can control widgets and post/comment options.

12. Legal

The developer has said that they have developed the VTrick Blogger template based on the free version of Litespot Blogger template. However, it seems like VTrick Blogger template was inspired by the mentioned Blogger template. This one has come way forward and has made itself compatible with Web UIs of the 2020s. You can confidently use this Blogger template.

For using this awesome Blogger template for free, all you need to do is keep the footer credit of the developer in your website/blog.

Cookie Consent by default makes your website apparently behave legally with the visitors.

NO direct support: The developers have awesome documentation for installation and customization, but no direct support.

DISCLAIMER: I hereby make it clear that I have been featuring only freely and legally available Blogger templates (themes). I can not speak or be responsible on behalf of the developers, nor do so on behalf of my website’s visitors, in case of bad coding, or any malpractices from any party involved.

Demo | Download Free Version | Installation Guide and Documentation

If you face certain problem in downloading, installing, and/or using VTrick Blogger template, please comment below. I may be able to help you.

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