Top 10+ Blogger Templates in 2023

Are you looking for a trustworthy and premium Blogger templates for your Blogger blog/website? Do explore this top selection of Blogger themes.

Best Blogger Templates

Personally, I have had experiences of boosted traffic and improved user experience (UX) of my Blogger projects with one of these premium Blogger templates.

Please keep in mind that rumors and false claims about SEO (search engine optimization) of Blogger websites are not valid. Blogger themes built by developers in 2023 have been mostly SEO-friendly.

I promise that I will update this list every time I feel like I need to revise. Do check the date of revision of this post (☝️ see above metadata) to make sure that you are reading the list of the most awesome Blogger themes.

Benefits of blogging with Blogger include 1) unlimited bandwidth, 2) free web space, and 3) fast loading. The precondition for fast loading speed is that you must choose a lightweight XML file that does not require loading external files like font files, and the ones hosted somewhere else.

If you select professionally made Blogger templates that are free of malicious codes, you can win over the trust of visitors and SEO too.

How can the public library block a website with malicious script(s): One of my acquaintances uses public library- to study and also to work. When we were conversing on Blogger templates, he told me that the smart systems of public libraries can detect the malicious scripts of the templates (XML files), if present. The servers and can block the website in the entire network. I thought that this might be relevant sharing in my blog because I can not imagine my blog being prevented by the server just because of the suspected malicious script(s) present in the unreliable Blogger template. In such situation scores of potential visitors will not be able to visit my website. However, please be assured that the premium Blogger templates sold through Gumroad are clean-coded by professional developers who know every tits and bits of codes tested and proven against security, SEO, user experience (UX), and evolving issues of web-publishing at the same time.

All free Blogger templates do not have malicious code. The so-called free Blogger XML files found on non-authorized websites can not be trusted. Some websites of such offers can have the intention of infecting the users’ systems.

I have featured a few appealing free Blogger themes here in my blog. My personal favorite free Blogger templates are Jet theme and VTrick.

However, free Blogger templates come with limitations. The free versions are said to be test versions with the presence of junk scripts, and the absence of other premium features. Hence compromises have to be made with the free versions- in SEO, technical glitches (if any are present), and so on.

Hence, I would like to suggest you buy a premium Blogger template of your choice. You may not need to rush buying a premium Blogger template.

First, you may try the free (but safe and legal) XML file. When you feel like you need to get the advantage of premium themes, then you can buy a good Blogger theme for you.

To determine which Blogger theme is better for you, you can also analyze the traffic and SEO of existing Blogger-based websites through Similarweb and Ubersuggest (free versions should be okay for a general overview). Please note that the Blogger themes listed below are all the best ones, the order is actually alphabetical.

Best 10+ Best Blogger Themes in 2023

1. AirMag Blogger Template (for Personal Blogs, News and Magazines)

Airmag has met all the expectations from the Blogger templates. In fact, the final website will not appear lesser than any standard magazine website.

Airmag Blogger Template
Source: Templateiki

The design includes featured posts with round featured images that make the impression of web stories. The post widgets come in various designs and subtle animations.

New features include post cards, a newsletter widget, paginated posts, alert boxes, code box with copy code feature, download box, and ‘buy now’ box.

Download (Free) | Buy Now (Premium)

2. Citron (for Professional Blog and Digital Marketing)

Citron is moreover best for portfolio showcasing. It can also be used by digital agencies and individuals in the business of digital marketing.

Citron Blogger Template
Source: Piki Templates

The animated hero section, colorful material icons, and boxes add to the richness of professionalism in this Blogger theme.

The site loads pretty much faster than many other Blogger templates. Such fast speed can benefit in SEO of your website.

Download (Free version) | Buy (Premium Version)

3. Color-UI (for Fashion/Trend Blog and Magazine)

Color-UI is, of course, a fast and responsive Blogger template that is well-suited for fashion/trend blogs and magazines. The use of colors makes it one of the best Blogger templates for certain niche blogs.

Color UI Blogger Template
Screenshot of Color-UI Blogger theme (Source: Templateiki)

The features of Color-UI comprise the most advanced features of Templateiki (the developers) Blogger templates.

Download (Free) | Buy (Premium)

4. LightSpot Blogger Theme (for Health/Lifestyle Blog and Magazine)

LightSpot is a highly responsive, magazine-formatted Blogger template. It is fast-loading and SEO-friendly too.

LightSpot Magazine Blogger Template
Source: Templateiki

It is one of the best premium Blogger templates from Templateiki. Many feminist magazines and blogs have been using this theme.

Download Now (Free version) | Buy (Premium Version)

5. LiteG (for Niche Blog and Hobby Blogging)- Fast Blogger Template

LiteG is made for SEO. It is a super-fast Blogger template for niche blogs and hobby blogging. It has all the modern features offered by Edgy Templates.

LiteG Magazine Blogger Template
Source: Edgy Templates

You get this template also in dark mode and RTL mode. The footer of this template also seems to be designed with digital professionals in mind.

Download (Free version) | Buy Now (Premium Version)

6. Maggy (for Professional Blog and Digital Marketing)

Maggy is SEO-friendly and fast Blogger theme which is also professional looking. The animated hero section adds to the genuineness of the portfolio website that can be made using this template.

Maggy Professional Blogger Template
Source: Edgy Templates

This template is best for digital entrepreneurs and niche professionals who also write blogs regularly.

Download (Free) | Buy (Premium)

7. MagSoft (simple Magazine Blogger Template, also Suitable for Digital Marketing)

Magsoft is yet another colorful magazine-styled Blogger template. A specific group of niche Bloggers will super like this theme.

MagSoft Magazine Blogger Template
Source: Edgy Templates

With all modern features, this template also offers better SEO. The specialty of this theme is that you can click the heart-shaped material icon to bookmark any post. This feature will drive the readership traffic.

The collapsible header notification bar is yet another unique feature of this template.

Download Now (Free) | Buy Now (Premium)

8. Monster (for Multi-niche Blog and Magazine)

Monster can be used to develop multiniche blogs and/or magazines. It has to lazyload image feature which speeds up the page load speed and ultimately boosts the SEO.

Monster Magazine Blogger Theme
Source: Piki Templates

The design is quite engaging with features like post card, ajax menu, 6 various designs, pagination of the post, and various material design elements.

Download (Free version) | Buy Now (Premium Version)

9. Nikk-UI (for Personal Blog, Professional Portfolio, and Digital Marketing)

Nikk UI is a fast-loading Blogger/Blogspot theme for any niche related to digital entrepreneurship It can be used both as a portfolio, and a means of active digital marketing. It is fast-loading and one of the most SEO-friendly Blogger themes.

Nikk-UI Portfolio Blogger Template
Source: Templateiki

The animated hero section, product cards, awesome footer, clean design, and other functionalities make up the advantage of using this Blogger template.

Download (Free) | Buy (Premium)

10. Pixonic (for an Awesome Food/Recipe Blog)

Honestly speaking, I have never encountered such an awesome food blog template. Pixonic Blogger theme offers a serious advantage of speed, design, authenticity, and premium features to food/recipe bloggers in Blogger/Blogspot platform.

Pixonic Food Blogger Template
Source: Templateiki

You may contemplate switching to Blogger/Blogspot CMS if you come across this template. The clean and professional design of the footer, blog cards, post cards, and other widgets adds up to the authenticity of this template.

Download Free version | Buy Premium Version

11. QuickSpot (an Awesomest Multi-niche Magazine Blogger Theme)

With the title, you might imagine how much passionate I have been about this Blogger theme. One may rethink blogging in WordPress or other CMS when they come across the QuickSpot Blogger theme.

QuickSpot SEO Blogger Template
Source: Piki Templates

The essential aspects required for SEO have been not limited to page-load speed, accessibility, structured data, design, and device responsiveness. QuickSpot theme is loaded with all these features. Additionally, it consists of features like post pagination, and featured-post card that can be kept in the post.

Download (Free Theme) | Buy (Premium Theme)

12. SEO Edge (a Magazine-style Niche Blogger Template with SEO in Heart)

SEO Edge Blogger/Blogspot theme speaks about itself by its name. It is one of the most SEO-friendly magazine-styled themes for blogs based on Blogger/Blogspot.

SEO Edge Blogger Template
Source: Edgy Templates

It looks much more suitable for heavyweight bloggers and magazines. Because of its color combination and professional look, it has a capacity of less bounce rate. It has all the modern features of contemporary Blogger UI/UX.

Download Free Edition | Buy Premium Edition

13. SEO Spot (a Responsive Colourful Multi-niche Magazine-style Blogger theme)

Seo Spot, by default, is a colorful magazine-styled theme for beauty/celebrity blogs. However, it can also be customized to make use in blogs/magazines of other niches.

SEO Spot Blogger Template
Source: Piki Templates

Blogs based on Google’s Blogger/Blogspot can benefit from this theme as it offers no less UI/UX than other popular CMSs/Blogging Frameworks like WordPress. It also contains all the modern elements, designs and features that are innovated as a single XML file.

Download Free version | Buy Premium Version

14. Speedily (Modern Fast loading Blogspot/Blogger Theme)

Speedily is an ideal blog theme for a professional portfolio website and digital marketing. It is colorful and fast-loading, especially suitable for young and energetic bloggers. It may be also used by more mature bloggers (why not?).

Speedily Blogger Template
Source: Edgy Templates

Because of its clean design, richness of widgets and elements, and speed, this Blogger/Blogspot theme is also SEO-friendly.

Download Free | Buy Premium

15. WindSpot (for Magazine-like Multi-niche Blog, and/or Portfolio)

Like other latest-generation Blogger templates, Windspot also carries all of the modern functions and UX elements. On top of these, WindSpot has an amazing device-responsive slider on the homepage.

Windspot Blogger Template
Source: Piki Templates

It is also suitable for portfolio blogs of (digital) professionals- especially fitness instructors, textile designers, graphic designers, and photographers.

Download (Limited Version) | Buy Now (Full Version)

I will kep on udating this post with awesome Blogger templates. You may also keep rechecking this page to learn with updated list of top blogger templates/themes.

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