Median UI Blogger Template v1.7.0: Review

Median UI is an amazing Blogger template developed by Maki M. (Jago Desain) from Indonesia. The current version (version 1.7.0) is even more brilliant with the craft of HTML and CSS applied on it.

Also due to a hunch feelijng of many sites ranking well in SERPs, I suggest you may try Blogger themes from Jago Desain by Maki M.

Median UI Blogger Template

Features of Median UI Blogger Template

  • Median UI Blogger template is one of the fastest Blogger templates ever made available.
  • It is easy to install and manage via layout, and little HTML edits (only if necessary).
  • The theme is responsive with any kinds of devices with any kinds of screen sizes and orientations.
  • The template passes the rich snippet test. In fact, themes developed by JAgo Desain are best in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Comment below, if you use at least one of Jago Desain's templates and you are almost ranking number one in Google SERPs (search engine results pages)!
  • My acquaintances are also reporting that the ad-placement is so designed that it creates a win-win situation both for visiotrs and the bloggers. For example, the ad-placements are in various places and one can have freedom in placing the advertisements as per the self-judgements. On top of that, the developer claims that the CTR (click-through rate) is also high.
  • The documentation of the template is well found in the website of Jago Desain. The documentation also guides you with designing of your blog/website with richest collection of UI (user interface) components, for example- image with caption, grid images, lightbox image, scroll images, show/hide images, lazy-load images, and lazy-load Youtube, among many.
  • The UI is made more appealing with text features like- text indent, drop cap, blockquote, note block, post reference, post break, guide list (best for tutorials websites), pros/cons list, responsive table, and related posts.
  • The additional UI components that add to the user-engagement are- table of content (TOC), tabs, toggle show/hide, toggle accordion, discrimination of links (new, free, and external link), download card, CTA (call to action) buttons, syntax highlihgter, and multi-tabbed syntax.
  • The time ago syntax is designed both for posts and comments.
  • Features like sliders, bookmark post, and darm-mode may not be new feature to many bloggers who use Blogger platform.
  • On the index page, Median UI maintains 16:9 aspect ratio of any image used in the post. One does not need to manually adjust the image, nor the code itself.
  • The three-column signature appearance of Median UI Blogger template on white background also appears equally beautiful on dark mode. This reflects that the designer had 'professionalism' in mind when designing the template.
  • Median UI also contains separate guide for product pages. Using that guide, you can also include e-commerce feature in your website. Or at least do product reviews which can be used in projects of affiliate marketing, etc.

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Beware of fraudulent websites: Blogger templates which are developed to be sold are meant to be sold. That is a plain reality. If you happen to find some websites that are putting copyrighted Blogger templates for free download, or sale in lower price, please do not visit them. These websites can never be trusted. These may have put malwares in the scripts of these files, and even websites themselves.

Buy Median UI Blogger Template v1.7 ($13 + VAT)

  • The most SEO optimized Blogger theme ever
  • RTL availability
  • Last Update: January 01, 2023
  • Usage: Upto 3 domains
  • Lifetime Template Updates
  • More functions: bookmark post, times ago JS
  • Product post templates, pro-con table, responsive table, copy to clipboard option for codes
  • More customization options
As an ethical blogger, you can either use free Blogger templates, or buy the ones that are sold at reasonable price. I am an affiliate marketer of Blogger templates through Gumroad. Support me and developers of Blogger templates by buying the Blogger themes of your choice.

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