How to Add and Verify Custom Domain in Blogger

We know that many bloggers around the world are well aware of Google's Blogger. If not, many internet consumers might have come across wonderful blogs maintained on some sites with URLs like Furthermore, it is also possible that one can map the custom domain to the Blogger-based blogs/websites, to make it appear more authentic and professional.

To add a custom domain to the Blogger-based website, one must have a domain with a top-level domain (TLD) or a country-code top-level domain (ccTLD). The subdomains are also eligible as long as you are able to edit the CNAME/TXT/A records for these. People have been complaining that Google has been neglecting the Blogger and various functions like contact from and CNAME domain verification are almost defunct.

Let me suggest you the working method of custom domain verification so that you can map your awesome domain to an awesome Blogger-based website/blog.

How to Add and Verify Custom Domain in Blogger in 2023

1. Add a custom domain in Blogger Dashboard.

You need to go to Google's Blogger dashboard and add the custom domain that you aim to use for your blog/website. See the picture below the general visual guidance.

Add Custom Domain in Blogger

You will get an error message (See the sample image below!) from Blogger asking you to edit the CNAME records at the DNS Editing Zone of the domain that you intend to use.

Blogger Custom Domain Error

Please do not close the window of the Blogger. You will need these records in the 3rd step. During that stage, you need to copy these CNAME records and save them using the DNS editor of your domain. For now, go to the second step.

2. Add the Custom Domain to Google Search Console.

Use the same Google account that you have used for the Blogger blog and log into Google Search Console.

From the property menu located on the side panel, click 'Add Property'. Then Provide the full URL of the domain to be added. I suggest you use the https://www version of your website (See below!) so that the canonical issues can be avoided.

Add Domain in Google Search Console

Google Search Console will try to verify your domain with its existing records. It will then ask you to choose from range of options for the domain verification. Please copy the TXT record (See below!) that can be used to verify the custom domain.

TXT Record Verification Google Search Console

Please do not close the window here again. You need to open the DNS editor of your domain. In my tutorial, I will show Cloudflare; however, you can use your own DNS editor.

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3. Edit the CNAME/A/TXT Records with DNS Editor.

Go to your own DNS editor and navigate to the relevant domain's DNS administration. Edit and save the records as guided in the table below.

Record Name Value
A @
A @
A @
A @
CNAME xxxxxxxxxxxx (see first step) (see first step)
TXT @ as provided in second step

While editing the DNS records, you can set the TTL to 'Auto'.

In my case, I used Cloudflare as my Blogger site's CDN. It is pretty fast in updating the DNS edits throughout the global servers.

4. Verify the custom domain.

Hence, after about an hour, you should be able to confirm the Domain verification. First, click 'VERIFY' button at Google Search Console, and then click 'SAVE' button at Google's Blogger Dashboard.

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If you want to link .NP domain to Blogger, you can combine the tutorial of this blog and another blog post on linking .NP domain and Blogger.

In this way, you will be able to add the custom domain and verify it to use with Google's Blogger service for your blog/website.

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