Free English Practice Book [in PDF] for [Nepali] Students

free english practice book nepal pdf download

About Free English Practice Book for Nepali Students

This book is called self-learning material-English. It was published in 2074 BS by National Centre for Educational Development of Nepal. This institution is responsible for quality dissemination of school-level curriculum across Nepal. It helps teachers, schools and students from its objectives.

Be it school, or IELTS/ TOEFL preparation, this book can be useful for any kind of English test preparation. This book can also help students in other English proficiency tests. The best thing about this book is that this is available free and open.

More about Self-Learning Material-English

The PDF document is available to download. You can downloaad the PDF file shown in the download link below. The authors are Mr. Shankar Adhikari, Ms. Smita Nepal, Mr. Ramesh Ghimire and Ms. Sushma Dhakal.

What is the size of Self-Learning Material-English

The textbook is 1.83 mb. It consists of 258 pages including the cover pages.

What is in the book?

The book consists of self-learning and practising materials on grammar, reading passages, writing, listening, speaking and glossary as well.

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