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This blog is all about my story of finding inexpensive flight to Nepal. Some people who wish to buy cheap air ticket from Nepal to abroad too can get benefit from this blog.

I had perpetually been wary of using my internet bank, especially using my bank card for doing online transactions till not long before. However, with the security mechanisms and having a separate bank account for online transactions, I have now developed confidence in buying things online. And yes, I buy air tickets online.

cheap air ticket to Nepal

I began to buy online air tickets from,,, national portals, and websites of local travel agencies too. In 2022, I discovered an online ticketing agency that claims to "hack the system" and put forward the air tickets at the rates that no other offer.

Since then, I have been using them to issue air tickets for myself, and my friends too.

However, I discovered that there is a catch, too. Please read the issues that I came with when buying air ticket from KIWI.

Read This!

Points to consider when buying air ticket from KIWI

  • At times, you may get cheaper tickets from places other than KIWI. (True!)
  • Most of the ticket hacks are based on the combination of several tickets. Hence, it means that the inexpensive tickets are normally of more travel duration.
  • Cheaper tickets may also be due to the selection of budget airlines and budget airports. You may not get free food, or water there. You may need to have enough money at your disposal while you travel.
  • You may get into problem if the cancellation/delay of one flight impacts your ability to catch consecutive flight(s). Do check if you can compensate with an insurance that you can buy while buying ticket.
  • Combination tickets may also include self-transfer from one airport to another. In such case, it normally necessitates tourist/transit visa and ample time so that you may be able to check-in to consecutive flights flawlessly.
  • Even if the self-transfer is in the same airport, it means that the traveller enters through the immigration when s/he has to check-in again. Especially, for the self-transfer with checked baggage, transit/tourist visa is almost necessary. You need to confirm with the immigration authorities and also airlines about the requirement of tourist/transit visa.

Despite all these, I have bought air ticket from KIWI several times a year. I did this because one of the mantras of my life is "money saved is money earned".

If you select 1 hand-baggage (around 7kg) and 0 checked baggage (20 kg and more), you may get even cheaper offer and may not need to have tourist/transit visa at the airport of self-transfer (only if the self-transfer airport is the same one). Do confirm with the airlines and immigration authorities before you decide to buy ticket and travel. No checked luggage definitely lessens your travel fatigue.

Disclaimer: This blog is all about my opinion. In your case, you must decide all by yourself, after careful weighing of all the possible situations that I stated or failed to state. I have provided affiliate link of KIWI dot com in this post.

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