Download Materia X2 Blogger Template: One of the Most Updated Blogger Themes of All Time

Materia X2 is one of the most updated Blogger Themes of all Time. It is developed by El Creative Academy of Indonesia.

Materia X2 is a premium Blogger theme which you need to buy through Gumroad platform. I too had bought the theme. The developer permitted me to use the theme for 10 websites once bought from them. You can even request the developer if you need to use the theme in more than 10 websites. However, the legal document says that you need to be the lawful owner of all those websites.

Materia X2 Blogger Theme

Materia X2 is updated timely, and the buyers get the updated version every time the latest one is released. There is also a WhatsApp community of the developers and the users where vibrant discussion on blogging happens. One can even report the bugs through the demo website. The developers take the bugs seriously and fix those before they come up with the upcoming updates of the theme.

Materia X2 has become the most UI/UX friendly Blogger theme ever. Personally, I have felt that the featured image in vertical one-column listing of the posts should have 16:9 image ratio. However, the developers might have a purpose not to offer so.

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Materia X2 is also one of the most SEO-friendly Blogger themes.

The documentation side of the Materia X2 Blogger theme is so rich and descriptive that one finds more than equal freedom in designing the website when compared to WordPress.

Disclaimer: Materia X2 has so many features that this brief promotional blog may not cover all. This blog has an affiliate link. If you purchase and download Materia X2 Blogger theme through my link, I get little commission which I can use to suport my Blogging pursuit.
You can also use free Blogger templates, or buy the ones that are sold at reasonable price. I am an affiliate marketer of Blogger templates through Gumroad.

Download Materia X2 Blogger Theme ($28)

  • 2/3 column
  • Google's Material Design
  • label description
  • label icons (SVGs)
  • rich web components: UIs and Widgets
  • ample space for advertisement
  • multiple device responsive
  • SEO-friendly: meta tags, breadcrumbs, Schema/rich results structured data
  • fast-loading
  • search with Google Doodle

If you want to know more about Materia X2 Blogger theme, you can directly contact the developers. If I can be of any help in setting up a Blogger-based website, you can contact me by commenting down below.

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