10+ Free Blogger Templates in 2023

There are limited legal and free Blogger templates. Though the paid Bloggers also may have free versions, my list features those ones which are available only for free. Here, I am featuring the ones which are deemed best based on my personal evaluation.

free blogger templates
  1. BFB Bulma Blogger template (Design, Personal Blog)
  2. Blanter Wisdom Blogger template (Personal Blog)
  3. Fiksioner Blogger template (Fiction, Writing, Personal Blog)
  4. Instablog Blogger Theme by Tema Banua (Gen Z, Photoblog)
  5. Jettheme Blogger template (Personal Blog)
  6. Mediumish Blogger template (Personal Blog)
  7. Nikah Blogger Template by Tema Banua (Wedding Invitation)
  8. Pixel Blogger Theme (Magazine/Blog)
  9. Resume Blogger Theme by Tema Banua (Resume/Portfolio/Blog for Professionals)
  10. Sharing Life in TW (Personal Blog, How to Guide)
  11. TrickBD Blogger template (Portfolio, Blog)
  12. VTrick Blogger template (Tech, Magazine, Personal Blog)
  13. Webium Blogger template (Personal Blog)

I will keep eye on Blogger updates and free and premium Blogger templates from around the world. Keep on checking this post for updated list of best Blogger themes. You can do that too, for instance searching for Blogger themes on Github.

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