Best Responsive Blogger Templates in 2023

Fuelled by an increased interest and an ardent fondness for Google's Blogger platform, I, personally, have delved deeper into exploring various Blogger themes. In my blog, you find an updated list of commendable Blogger themes that are readily available.

best responsive blogger templates

In this article, I feature mainly paid Blogger themes. However, it's worth noting that many paid themes also offer free versions with limited features and possibly compromised SEO. Additionally, some themes are exclusively available in 'free' versions.

Awesome Blogger/Blogspot Themes in 2023 (SEO-ready, Responsive, and Adsense-friendly)

So, I would suggest you exploring trustworthy and premium Blogger templates for your Blogger blog/website in 2023.

Do explore this top selection of responsive, adsense-friendly Blogger themes. Regarding speed. the precondition is that you must choose a lightweight XML file that does not require loading external files like font files, and the ones hosted somewhere else.

UPDATE (August 14, 2023): I used to promote some notable Blogger templates in name of little amount of commission. I gradually realized a general trend of template spamming. Many of those templates would not offer anything significant or new. Hence, I am deciding to stop recommending many of those templates.

Instead, I can develop a Blogger-based website for you if you really like to have one.

How can the public library block a website with malicious script(s): One of my acquaintances uses public library- to study and also to work. When we were conversing on Blogger templates, he told me that the smart systems of public libraries can detect the malicious scripts of the templates (XML files), if present. The servers and can block the website in the entire network. I thought that this might be relevant sharing in my blog because I can not imagine my blog being prevented by the server just because of the suspected malicious script(s) present in the unreliable Blogger template. In such situation scores of potential visitors will not be able to visit my website. However, please be assured that the premium Blogger templates sold through Gumroad are clean-coded by professional developers who know every tits and bits of codes tested and proven against security, SEO, user experience (UX), and evolving issues of web-publishing at the same time.

Recommended Premium Blogger Themes : Materia X2 and Median UI

All free Blogger templates do not have malicious code. The so-called free Blogger XML files found on non-authorized websites can not be trusted. Some websites of such offers can have the intention of infecting the users’ systems.

Disclaimer: I used to provide the affiliate links for the paid Blogger themes. Those made no sense to my business. Hence, I stopped doing that. If you still want to purchase those Blogger themes, you may explore through my Gumroad Global Affiliate page. Otherwise, I can custom design, and guide you to develop your Blogger/WordPress website.

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