GitHub Blogger Templates | GitHub as an Unconventional Place to Find Free and Splendid Blogger Themes

In this article, I am suggesting to you how to download GitHub Blogger Templates which are available for free in the GitHub repositories. You may donate the talents on GitHub if you feel to do so. I must say, according to my experience, GitHub is one of the best places to look for Blogger Templates.

As many of my personal acquaintances and social followers know, I had been using the Blogger platform for a long time till 2021. I regret it, but I now realize that I came to WordPress only to not see any difference in SEO outcomes and conversion rates of my blogging.

Nevertheless, I did not stop practicing blog on Blogging, I have been writing as a guest writer on several other’s Blogger based websites and also developing websites for those who do not know things to do except writing in WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) interface of Blogger.com.

Searching for a nice Blogger theme has always been hectic. On top of that, I had to (and still have) match the tastes and preferences of the clients. Available free and trustworthy Blogger templates are very few. In fact, most of the free versions of openly distributed Blogger themes have compromises in several areas, from design to important functionalities including structured data.

Hence, I started to explore a rather unconventional space for Blogger themes. To my surprise, GitHub developers were found to have the world’s most premium-looking and awesome Blogger templates in their repositories. The user interface, SEO friendliness, functionalities, page load speed, freedom of customization, and almost everything including e-commerce- these GitHub Blogger templates have amplified Google’s Blogger’s offerings. Thanks to the power of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

If you are reading this blog, I would suggest you consider GitHub as a potential source of Google’s Blogger Templates. Let me give you suggestions on how to get free and awesome Blogger templates on GitHub.

How to find Blogger Templates on GitHub

  • Go to github.com.
  • On the top-right search area, type in ‘blogger templates’ and hit ‘return key’.
  • You will get a number of repository results.
  • Search the result by ‘recently updated’.
  • Explore the blogger templates located in the repositories that appear on the search result pages.
  • You may consider exploring them by opening them in a new tab of your browser.
  • Remember a Blogger Template is present in XML file.

How to Install Github’s Blogger Templates in Your own Blog

You can click 2 overlapping vertical rectangles icon to copy the raw code, and paste them into your Blogger’s HTML Theme editor to set up such GitHub Blogger Templates. Remember to 1) back up your existing Blogger theme beforehand so that you can restore the same if anything goes wrong. 2) check if the developers have a demo version of the blog website using the template in question. Such previews will help you to decide if you might be interested in such a template or not.

9 Free Blogger Templates found in GitHub

Let me share best free Blogger templates (in my opinion) that I have found in GitHub repositories. You may find these interesting too.

1. Bloglix and Buzzplex

Bloglix and Buzzplex Blogger templates are fast-loading Blogger templates designed by a Bangladeshi talent in GitHub. Hence, Bloglix and Buzzplex are free and premium Bangladeshi Blogger Templates. These themes are also available at the developer’s website called Wiki Poka.

2. Sharing Life in TW Blogger Template

Actually, this Blogger theme has not got its official name. But the developer has put so much dedication and craft in it, I am pushed to mention it in my blog post. See demo.

3. BFB Bulma Blogger Template

This is also one of the most creative Blogger themes. You can consider this theme too which is available for free on GitHub.

4. Gelati by Sugar3.io

Gelati Demo theme site looks like Windows NT generation website based on Blogger. Though the design does not give the modern feeling, it has now become a retrofitted old Blogger theme with new functionalities.

5. VTrick Blogger Template

I have featured this Blogger template in a separate blog post. Since I have featured it, you may be more than interested in trying it. Do check GitHub Blogger templates. There are jewels like VTrick and Plus UI Blogger templates.

6. Webium Blogger Template by El Creative Academy

Webium is medium-like Blogger template. Elcreativeacademy has developed this theme and had made it available for free. Now, they are revising it. Fans of webium are expecting this theme to remain free even after revision.

7. Mediumish Blogger Template

This is bootstrap 4.0 based Blogger Template aimed to be downloaded by the writers. I found this also on GitHub.

8. JetTheme Blogger Template

I have featured Jet Theme Blogger Template in this blog. I think that it is the most professional, fast-loading, and SEO-friendly free Blogger theme. Please explore Jet Theme in my blog.

9. Plus UI

Plus UI is one of the most awesome Blogger templates based on the designs of Median UI, IMagz, and Fletro Pro. I have found Plus UI for free on GitHub, I have asked my fellow bloggers who are using the Blogger platform to use this Plus UI theme. You may find it as well if it’s still there.

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