Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you help me personally with my blog/website project(s)?

We can develop website(s) in Blogger platform, or in self-hosted WordPress.

Can you share scripts for making the blog more UI/UX friendly and better at SEO?

We write occasional blog posts on topics like- making the website UX/UI friendly, SEO ideas, and blogging. You can learn from those posts.

Can you provide backlink(s) to my website?

Well, SEO is a sensitive issue. Backlinks are tricky too. We may provide backlinks to some entities that we may find relevant to this blog. This approach is never counter-productive in terms of SEO.

Do you allow guest posts on this website?

Yes! Many entities want to write guest posts for quality backlinks. Hence, policy of backlinks applies even for guest posts.

Are you open to advertisement placement on your blog?

Yes, I am open to advertisement (of relevant entities) placement on my blog.

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